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Helping Humans Connect with Earth and Transform our Relationships with the Biosphere and One Another

Tree of Source Energy

~ TOE ~

Tree of Evolution nurtures human connection with Earth and each other. We join with groups and individuals to transform environments into edible, growing spaces. We encourage and provide resources for scientific exploration, community ground action, elevated wellness, and art inspired by nature.

Exploration of plants, soils, air and water occurs through programs grounded in science, fun, and the urban environment. Action is ongoing with the creation of school and community gardens, and improvement of food justice. And Art unveils human and Earth connections through poetry, painting, song, theatre, and dance. All parts of TOE coordinate to help us feel more connected to our Earth and illuminate a higher quality of life, in harmony with our nature.


Gardens, Workshops, Classes, Art, and More!

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Thank you for joining us.  Connect with Earth today!


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